Monday, 16 July 2012

King For A Day

So it was that time of the year again, the King For A Day jam at Hyde Park in Leeds.The Lssix lads had been busy building all manner of crazy stuff for this and had excelled themselves with their joinery skills and some excellent graphics on the ramps this year all to celebrate the life of their good friend Charles Edward Gillan Prow, who I never knew but must have been one hell of a sick guy.

Loam Oakes getting some air
Mole, this guy kills it every year, shouts of Mole go up and he goes off!
The Blast Artoise was unleased, this thing had some kick

Sean Burns getting X
Liam getting upside down for the lads, didn't quite get this one
This guy was getting some crazy air, turndowns, t-bogs at height as well as this toothy stall on kicker

It was time for some more jumping from The RAMP, Chris Jenner getting this tyre grab, the gap kept getting bigger until Irish Ben Started pulling down the ramps and pilling them in the gap, things were about to go up 10 on the crazy shit metre
Toby Werhun getting up in out and over as the smoke starts
Not long and the flames had taken a good hold, everything was piled on there including the rail, the heat was fierce from this ramp bonfire.

Mole and Chris Jenner kept it up until the landing eventually gave way and moles foot enters the flames, see vid, Chris I'm sure finished with a turndown to flat, correct me if I'm wrong with that.
I didn't manage to get my camera out enough as usual (lazy) so thanks for most of these pics go to Jonny Wilson, David Randle, Will Lindsey, Formby Jay Richardson, Tom Fletcher, Roy Clayton,Waldemar Wozny and anyone I've missed, Cheers for getting these pics.
A few ropey Vids of the fire Jumping below,

Thanks to all the Lssix lads for another great Jam, Charles Prow! Charles Prow! Charles Prow!

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