Tuesday 16 February 2021

Its always a sad day but we all do our best to celebrate in a way we know he'd hove loved

Friday 12 February 2021

Filmed using old analog cameras
Sony Handycam Hi8
Canon RX61vhsc
2nd attempt at iMovie lot i've still to learn but had fun documenting these old clips that have been sitting on xp and had to rescue them before it shit the bed

Sunday 7 February 2021

Newcastle Street Jam 2015

Its took a while and not many tricks and battery died before wastey quality not great but its documented some memories

Friday 5 February 2021

Its Been A While

28Somethingbmx from 28 Something BMX on Vimeo.

Well its been a long time since I've posted on here, used to love finding bmx blogs and websites but it seems all about the insta these days but as I've been stuck at home it got me to messing with the old xp and mac so here's some clips I stuck together. See you in another 7 year haha! 

Tuesday 6 May 2014

28S Camera Roll Scraps

28S Camera Roll Scraps from Brandon Affleck on Vimeo.
Not much been happening on here for a while as I've been busy with other shit, but Affy put together a few clips he's had on his phone. Plan to start riding and filming more this year!

Monday 4 November 2013

NSFYC Flat Rails For Dummies

NSFYC - Flat Rails For Dummies from Elliott Brown on Vimeo.
It's been a busy couple of weeks in Newcastle, first the launch of the new and much bigger Sole Heaven store at Hoults Yard. Then last week we had Dub Homegrown premiere at the Tanners followed by the Deadline premiere at the Cycle Hub which also saw the first Streetphire edit in a good few years and the NSFYC in full effect doing what they do best and sorting out a nice little flat rail sesh at Wastelands!
Its great to see people putting time and effort into sorting events like this and creating their own spots, it's about supporting your scene and giving something back to the thing we all love BMX!

Tuesday 29 October 2013


Store Launch Night from Sole Heaven on Vimeo
After much deliberating about who's bike was getting took apart or not? we headed down to Hoults Yard for the much awaited launch night for Soleheavens new store. With store hound Woody in residence some ramps built by the rapid 9 lads some beer brewed for the occasion and lots of familiar faces riding the ramps and checking out the store all it needed was a spectacular crash and a Smart car fakie! Both seen in this edit of the night!
If your after sneakers or some seriously sick street threads watch this, then go check out, http://www.soleheaven.com
Great job Dale! Thanks!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Autumn Edit

autumn edit from Adam Gibson on Vimeo.
Little Autumn edit with Rossy, Adam, Andy, Ryan, Ryan, David and  Bodza! Think that was it.
Your going to have to get yourselves wrapped up for the next few months and get some  winter riding done!

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Saturday Shenanigans

More messing about with the Video8 & Fisheye. Filmed by Jonesy, Fishy & B-Rad
Song: Flavor Unit MCs * Roll wit tha flava

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Fisheye Testing

Fisheye edit from 28 Something BMX on Vimeo.
Headed up the park at the weekend to try out the fisheye and have another bash at editing with the Video8. We're still getting used to the camera so quality is allover as we try different settings and yes the lens etc could do with a clean and it kept spinning around because I didn't tighten the screw, but not a single fuck was given that day!

Saturday 14 September 2013

NSFYC2 -Trailer

NSFYC2 - Trailer from Elliott Brown on Vimeo.
Really looking forward to this one, Youth Crew been putting in some serious mileage getting the footage for this and some gnarly slams. Nowt more to say except get your self stoked for this in December. Oh and GET SOME PEGS!

Monday 9 September 2013

28S Toon Street edit

28S Toon Street Edit from 28 Something BMX on Vimeo.

I picked up an old Sony Handycam Video8 for pennies so we headed to town to see how the thing worked. I've stuck the clips together to try out the whole process, filming, capturing, editing using various wires and shit, my new Mac wouldn't play so its all been done on my old pc. Got myself a Baby Death fisheye for it now so will have to start clocking some proper footage and take a bit more time putting it together, but I think the whole video thing is my bag. Now who's got a vx1000 for sale? haha!

Wasteland edit 2013

Its been a busy weekend of riding, Morpeth crew hitting up the Wastelands.

28S A day at Rkade

28S A day at Rkade from kyran fish on Vimeo.
A few of the lads had a trip to Redcar at the weekend, Affy put together this little edit. Enjoy!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

August Edit 2013

Adam has put his 1st edit together featuring himself, Rossy and Andy hitting up the mean streets of Ashington.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Elliot Watson Summer BMX 2013

We've known Elliot for a good while now, from riding Morpeth back in the day when we had no park, he's a good lad and this is what he's been up to this summer.
This has taken me a very long time to make and get clips so now here is my final Summer edit. Yes I don't have a mac book or any amazing editing software, but this is the best I have done so far, sorry about the sketchy blips and green background appearing randomly, I don't know why it is doing that? Anyway enjoy my summer edit and a massive thanks to Alex Vendittelli for filming this and being patient haha enjoy, elliotmm

Sunday 4 August 2013

28S Summer Edit

28S Summer Edit from kyran fish on Vimeo.

One summers day edit featuring the 28Something BMX crew

Filmed by:
Brad Simpson, Kyran Fish, Brandon Affleck and Lewis Tonks

Edited by:
Brandon Affleck

All Shall Perish - Army of the Pharaohs

Friday 12 July 2013


After what seemed a pretty bad forecast for the day we decided to go ahead and somehow the rain didn't show which made for another great Jam.
We started the High Hop off a bit higher this year and people got their pop on ending with Fishy and Cullen battling it out, can't remember the exact height they got up to but Fishy got a PB with cullen winning for the second year in a row 40" ish.
The Long Jump got under way, we didn't know if this was going to work, but Brett and little Ewan got blasting over it, Ewan getting some style over it. Unfortunately Ewan took a grass slide to face after hanging up his back wheel and Brett broke his wrist. then up stepped Monkey and Airs who got some crazy jumps going with a pretty short run up and a tight bend, they called it at 24' but I'm sure with more speed they would have kept going. Prizes got split between all 4 who dared hit that jump.
The Street section of the park was next to see some peg action  with the NSFYC who had a big crew down for some action along side Rusty, Cullen and Elliot grinding for 28S. The surprise winner was Dan who said he didn't really ride street but took the win with a really smooth run with Cullen grabbing 2nd and more sick prizes and Dyson doing it for the Youth Crew got 3rd.
As I've said best line/whole park got fucked up in the filming and we don't have that to show but some sick riding went down with Monkey getting 1st with Dan 2nd and little Keiran 3rd who did pull a flip during the day and at 10 year old well deserves a prize for that alone.
The day finished off as usual with a few bands on the Guerilla stage with a few beers sank a small crew headed back to mine to party on, unfortunately I didn't last long and Dawn had to take care of things for me.
But a great day went down due to the help of our Sponsors and everybody that helped organise the event, roll on next year!

Saturday 18 May 2013

Jam Poster Sponsors

Finally got a few sponsors helping us out, really need a few more bike parts, anyone help us out?  

Thursday 9 May 2013

2013 Jam Poster

Only six weeks to go! hoping the sun is going to shine and your all going to get down for a really chilled day riding BMX, listening to some tunes from Guerilla Sounds, having a beer or two and maybe winning some stuff. Everybody loves a high hop and this year we've got a few new ideas, losing the wallride but adding a long jump, think Evel Knievel meets King for a Day, probably over hyped that, I doubt we'll set fire to our ramps haha! 

Sunday 5 May 2013

28S Spring Edit

This weekend has been awesome so far, some of yesterdays riding in this edit the lads just chucked up, roll on tomorrow for some more of this!

Wednesday 20 March 2013


As part of the final process of our new park an evaluation was carried out by the panel that gave us the money. Part of this was a short film asking users what they thought, interviews etc, in the film they used a couple of riding shots but Magnus and Dani from Meerkat films in Newcastle were kind enough to let us have the rest of the footage they got. Knowbody was really in the mood , it really was that cold, but the footage shot on this super slo-mo and very expensive bit of kit makes it look pretty cool.
I couldn't help but make a short edit with this footage, lucky I found just the right track to go with it.
The evaluation went really well and at the presentation last week everybody seems really keen to get behind us again for a possible extension to the park.  

Friday 22 February 2013

Winter Riding

Affy flat check that face haha

Affy air

Affy air

Fishy bar off ledge

Dikka bar
The lads were riding the park on this freezing day and Fishy had got his camera clicking

Thursday 21 February 2013

Affy, Don't Come Easy

I've been riding with my nephew and his mates for a few years now and have clips going back to when he couldn't hop a curb or do a fakie, so I thought I'd stick them up in an edit to show kids you've got to start somewhere and sticking at it pays off. Scooter kids at skateparks would rather learn bars or whips than get a bit of bike control, I'd much rather watch kids learning 180's on bikes than flipping those useless bits of metal about. I hope I can keep riding for a few more years to see them progress even more.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Rossy n David winter iphone edit

Rossy and David still been getting some riding in despite the weather, they got some iphone clips edited together and sent me it over, I stuck a bit Mogwai over the top

Monday 28 January 2013

More gif action

Fishy's been getting some higher quality into his gifs
Affy wallride

Beany with some pivot thing to 180 in

Friday 25 January 2013

I don't gif a Fuck

Fishy sent me over some gifs he's been playing around with, gif's are neat man! Like some grainy polaroid. 
Mexican John getting flat 
Beany sliding that bowl
Cullen spinning the b's 
A few more of these to come, I think I'll spread them out a bit over the next few weeks to have something to post as not getting much riding done in this shit weather.Hurry up spring and late nights on the bike. 

Sunday 2 December 2012

Hair of the Dog

Well after what has seemed a very long wait I took delivery of my  Hair of the Dog frame, it's Chris 'The Count' Lee's signature for The Make, and is a pretty big deal up here, not many riders get themselves landed a signature part let alone a frame.
It's got a 20.65 tt so is a fraction longer for me and a real short back end and a decent stand over, I went with the midnight blue which is stunning  sparkly madness, also comes in black .
I'll be putting a brake on sometime soon, even though it looks perfect now, I love that Charlie Crumlish freecoasting brake style, but might have to hit up a few big drops 1st,  Not going to happen haha!

The Count 'Hair of the Dog' Frame Promo from the Make on Vimeo.
While I was building her up Affy and Fishy popped over to get the 9 bar for a few pics, the shadows and background on these are amazing

Wednesday 28 November 2012

28ST Out & About

Haven't posted anything in ages due to not riding much and when I've had a chance been too lazy to get any clips. We headed over to Wastelands a few weeks back and managed to get a couple of clips and had a couple sitting around, so thought I'd try out my free trial of Movie edit pro, bit of over kill on the effects but
 what the fuck!
The lads have been getting loads of clips and working on a couple of edits which I'm sure will be much better than this.
Got a couple of new cameras, film and polaroid, can't wait to get these tried out, so should be a few more posts coming if this rain fucks off.

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Cookie's Team Too Street DVD is avaible now over at http://www.t2s.bigcartel.com/ A few of us headed over to the http://www.thecyclehub.org/ a month or so ago for the premiere of this and Newricks Grey Haven, two totally different videos but both containing more than your average amount of savage peg streetness. If you love pegs go and buy it, it will be £5 well spent.
Now the wait for Haven, can't be long now!   

Friday 14 September 2012


Dikka tuck-no flyout

Cottrell flatbank bar

Affy turndown

Affy T-bog
Cheers to Liam Cottrell for the pics.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Air in the Pocket





A few photo's from Fishy, some of the lads starting to air the pocket, scares the shit out of me! like to keep bike in contact with the ground these days, well most of the time. 

Thursday 16 August 2012

28 Something BMX Jam 2012

This is the feature length edit of our 1st Jam held at Paddock woods Skatepark, North Seaton, Fishy who did the filming already has one up on vimeo and our blog, this one's been done to show a bit more of what went down on the day and also to use some of the exclusive tracks that Nick provided for the Jam.
Please excuse some of my ropey editing (new to this) and feel free to adjust your volume control when need be.
BMX is supposed to be fun, so this won't be the slickest edit you've ever watched but people on BMX's had fun.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

28 Something Jam Edit

Fishy's got the edit done, such a great day, thanks everyone who came

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Dry Spell Crashes (Bowie Remix)

Messing about a few years ago with Vinyl Bowie + Dry Spell crashes.
Tom Brights Dry Spell from 2008 was inspirational and you might recognise that Hippie Hop
 Moonage Daydream - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

Monday 6 August 2012

28 Something Jam Paddock Woods Skatepark

The sun had decided to come out for what was our second attempt at holding the Jam, the first had to be called off due to our shit British summer. We arrived at the park early to set up the wall ride and a few other bits and give the park a good sweep. Guerilla Events arrived at the same time and started setting up what is an amazing trailer stage for the bands and dj. The tracks that Nick had got together for the Jam couldn't have been better, exclusive Hip Hop, and beat tracks from Queen Z and Oxide and Neutrino from So Solid Crew and god knows what else that really got the crowd going and the riders pumped

We got under way with the high hop,starting at wheel height to give everyone a couple off hops to get warmed up, people were keeping up till we got to bar height then they started to drop off.
Olly's back is giving him some jip today
 Carmine having a check down below
Tom Bright with super slow run up and pop!
Raising the bar

Aaron Symes warming up to some sick riding 

Jonny Cullen from morpeth taking it at 39"
Had a go at 40" not quite but he'd cleared 43" earlier in day!
He won himself some shit anyway.
Knowbody managed to get to Gabe at 50" but so close.
Next up was highest air out of pocket, not many in this one but Keiran and I think Ewan (10 & 7) year old were blasting pretty high, those lads are fearless 

Keiran Rilley this lads 10?
The 7 year old lad was getting so high but can't find any pics, we'll get  him in the edit
Beany was going nuts, didnt stop riding all day getting some sick airs here

There was only going to be one winner on the day Aaron Symes (Airs)
He went down pretty hard hanging up his back wheel, but continued riding the rest of the day bandaged up from someone's first aid kit, thanks whoever sorted that .

The Famous When Dead from Cramlington took to the stage for their set which again can't find any pics but needless to say they rocked the place, while riders took a breather and everyone else got to ride the park

The driveway was next up ledges rails and our very own 9 bar thanks to phil, Beany got his toothy over and nearly pulled up ledge to bar, Rossy pulled up ledge to t-bog, Adam all but landed the pegs to bar on the 9 bar and Pev got a sweet x-up pegs on the down ledge, a few others got some good grind action on the go and I'm sure these tricks are pulled when the pressure's not on, Bodza's crank flipping was rad down the stair set. but again Cullen wrapped it up with big 180's over rail and grinds all over the driveway, shit on the pictures for this but its all down on tape.
Best line using the whole park was the last chance of the day to get your stuff pulled, plenty in for this one, with 1 minute runs the riders dropped in and got some great lines through the park.

Photos a bit low on this one, most off these are probably not from the runs, it was a really busy day and things are a bit fuzzy, lots learnt for next time, but as I keep saying its all on tape.

This one is definitely from Beany's run. He didnt quite get the run he wanted he pulls these down the park everyday, mannys to 180 in and all sorts of crazy shit but hard on a 1 min run.,
Bodza got another sweet crankflip over the roller and I think I'm going to have to watch the videos back to remind myself, so any mistakes I've made here can be put right.
Results in this were 3rd ,ok I'm having memory problems, Ewan 7 year old? did a superman  2nd Elliot Watson and Aaron Symes walked away with 1st and a very nice Kis dark frame

Aaron killed it and allmost himself all day, well deserved win, he had a trip to the hospital to get properly checked afterwards, also shame Reece Brown had an early exit and a trip to hospital before things really got under way gettting his ankle caught in a 180 whip, hope your all healing up.
Just one more thing to finish the day the sticker toss!

A few more photos of the day, thanks to Mick Stephenson for the majority of the photos and also John Bowman for a couple of great pics like the one above and below.
Tom Bright getting all hippie.
Next up on the stage were The Pursuit from Sunderland who did some great covers of Artic Monkeys etc  people could sit back and relax and even have a beer or two

So after all the hard work put in by so many people, we had what couldn't have been a better day the sun was shining people turned up and  had a awesome day!
I'd like to thank Jim Lang for making all this possible in the beginning by getting behind the project for a new skatepark at Paddock Woods, Gemma Bone from Groundworks for over seeing the project and everyone who helped build the wood shit and get the money together to do it, Affy.
Thanks to anyone who has been part of this project we really have appreciated your help however big or small.
Derek and Jamie from youth service for all the work they've put in helping with most things and Jamie working with Tony and Rob at Guerilla events who did all the sound and stage, which was sick by the way. 
The bands for providing some great tunes and to Nick for blowing the top off with his killer tracks and giving mikey some on a memory stick when he asked you about your tracks and where to get them.
We couldn't have done this without the support from our sponsors who gave us tons of gear to give away, from frames, bike parts, sweat shirts tee's snapbacks, beanies dvd's so thanks to Kis bike co, The Make, Soleheaven, Dubbmx, Fourdown/United.
Huge thanks to H man for rocking the mike, the lads a natural and to John for helping with the judging and all the dudes that took time out to chat with the locals, we're a friendly bunch really
Thanks to everyone who came and supported us, till next year,bye!  
Right now wheres Fishy we need to get this edit done.