Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hair of the Dog

Well after what has seemed a very long wait I took delivery of my  Hair of the Dog frame, it's Chris 'The Count' Lee's signature for The Make, and is a pretty big deal up here, not many riders get themselves landed a signature part let alone a frame.
It's got a 20.65 tt so is a fraction longer for me and a real short back end and a decent stand over, I went with the midnight blue which is stunning  sparkly madness, also comes in black .
I'll be putting a brake on sometime soon, even though it looks perfect now, I love that Charlie Crumlish freecoasting brake style, but might have to hit up a few big drops 1st,  Not going to happen haha!

The Count 'Hair of the Dog' Frame Promo from the Make on Vimeo.
While I was building her up Affy and Fishy popped over to get the 9 bar for a few pics, the shadows and background on these are amazing

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