Monday, 6 August 2012

28 Something Jam Paddock Woods Skatepark

The sun had decided to come out for what was our second attempt at holding the Jam, the first had to be called off due to our shit British summer. We arrived at the park early to set up the wall ride and a few other bits and give the park a good sweep. Guerilla Events arrived at the same time and started setting up what is an amazing trailer stage for the bands and dj. The tracks that Nick had got together for the Jam couldn't have been better, exclusive Hip Hop, and beat tracks from Queen Z and Oxide and Neutrino from So Solid Crew and god knows what else that really got the crowd going and the riders pumped

We got under way with the high hop,starting at wheel height to give everyone a couple off hops to get warmed up, people were keeping up till we got to bar height then they started to drop off.
Olly's back is giving him some jip today
 Carmine having a check down below
Tom Bright with super slow run up and pop!
Raising the bar

Aaron Symes warming up to some sick riding 

Jonny Cullen from morpeth taking it at 39"
Had a go at 40" not quite but he'd cleared 43" earlier in day!
He won himself some shit anyway.
Knowbody managed to get to Gabe at 50" but so close.
Next up was highest air out of pocket, not many in this one but Keiran and I think Ewan (10 & 7) year old were blasting pretty high, those lads are fearless 

Keiran Rilley this lads 10?
The 7 year old lad was getting so high but can't find any pics, we'll get  him in the edit
Beany was going nuts, didnt stop riding all day getting some sick airs here

There was only going to be one winner on the day Aaron Symes (Airs)
He went down pretty hard hanging up his back wheel, but continued riding the rest of the day bandaged up from someone's first aid kit, thanks whoever sorted that .

The Famous When Dead from Cramlington took to the stage for their set which again can't find any pics but needless to say they rocked the place, while riders took a breather and everyone else got to ride the park

The driveway was next up ledges rails and our very own 9 bar thanks to phil, Beany got his toothy over and nearly pulled up ledge to bar, Rossy pulled up ledge to t-bog, Adam all but landed the pegs to bar on the 9 bar and Pev got a sweet x-up pegs on the down ledge, a few others got some good grind action on the go and I'm sure these tricks are pulled when the pressure's not on, Bodza's crank flipping was rad down the stair set. but again Cullen wrapped it up with big 180's over rail and grinds all over the driveway, shit on the pictures for this but its all down on tape.
Best line using the whole park was the last chance of the day to get your stuff pulled, plenty in for this one, with 1 minute runs the riders dropped in and got some great lines through the park.

Photos a bit low on this one, most off these are probably not from the runs, it was a really busy day and things are a bit fuzzy, lots learnt for next time, but as I keep saying its all on tape.

This one is definitely from Beany's run. He didnt quite get the run he wanted he pulls these down the park everyday, mannys to 180 in and all sorts of crazy shit but hard on a 1 min run.,
Bodza got another sweet crankflip over the roller and I think I'm going to have to watch the videos back to remind myself, so any mistakes I've made here can be put right.
Results in this were 3rd ,ok I'm having memory problems, Ewan 7 year old? did a superman  2nd Elliot Watson and Aaron Symes walked away with 1st and a very nice Kis dark frame

Aaron killed it and allmost himself all day, well deserved win, he had a trip to the hospital to get properly checked afterwards, also shame Reece Brown had an early exit and a trip to hospital before things really got under way gettting his ankle caught in a 180 whip, hope your all healing up.
Just one more thing to finish the day the sticker toss!

A few more photos of the day, thanks to Mick Stephenson for the majority of the photos and also John Bowman for a couple of great pics like the one above and below.
Tom Bright getting all hippie.
Next up on the stage were The Pursuit from Sunderland who did some great covers of Artic Monkeys etc  people could sit back and relax and even have a beer or two

So after all the hard work put in by so many people, we had what couldn't have been a better day the sun was shining people turned up and  had a awesome day!
I'd like to thank Jim Lang for making all this possible in the beginning by getting behind the project for a new skatepark at Paddock Woods, Gemma Bone from Groundworks for over seeing the project and everyone who helped build the wood shit and get the money together to do it, Affy.
Thanks to anyone who has been part of this project we really have appreciated your help however big or small.
Derek and Jamie from youth service for all the work they've put in helping with most things and Jamie working with Tony and Rob at Guerilla events who did all the sound and stage, which was sick by the way. 
The bands for providing some great tunes and to Nick for blowing the top off with his killer tracks and giving mikey some on a memory stick when he asked you about your tracks and where to get them.
We couldn't have done this without the support from our sponsors who gave us tons of gear to give away, from frames, bike parts, sweat shirts tee's snapbacks, beanies dvd's so thanks to Kis bike co, The Make, Soleheaven, Dubbmx, Fourdown/United.
Huge thanks to H man for rocking the mike, the lads a natural and to John for helping with the judging and all the dudes that took time out to chat with the locals, we're a friendly bunch really
Thanks to everyone who came and supported us, till next year,bye!  
Right now wheres Fishy we need to get this edit done.

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  1. Looks like a great day was had by all, I'm going to speak to the lads through this way and see if we can get across for this years jam! Peace :)