Thursday, 15 March 2012


It  seems like an eternity since we started dreaming of a new Skatepark for Ashington. Over the last couple of years there has been some highs and some lows to get to where, at present a new concrete park is being built in the area of North Seaton, in the ex mining village of Ashington known as Paddock woods.
Yes I know we're now officially a Town, but we were once the largest Village,"in the world" something we should be proud of.
But the "town" of Ashington is now facing up to the fact that those jobs and that old way of life will never be coming back, and lets face it , it was a hard life. I once went for an interview to go down the pit, luckily there was hundreds there and only a handful of jobs and i was never likely to be getting a job.I couldn't even get picked to go potato picking as a kid because of my whippet like physique.
The present day Ashington is a strange affair, its a big place and theres not very many jobs locally. I'm not really into politics but its pretty easy to see how it works around here. People that are unemployed for long periods of time become demoralised and end up unmotivated to search for work.Their kids often following in this cycle can become unable to focus on the positive things around, and believing know matter what they do, things aren't going to change.
One thing that this project has taught me, is that Ashington does still have a sense of community, because without it this Skatepark would not be being built. Lets just hope that it can give some of these unfocused kids in this area a direction, and something positive in their lives.
There was me thinking we'd done all this just to hoy wa selves in the air.Oh well, maybe I'm now a member of the community  

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